Barbara Bennett Jewelry DesignsThe company is Barbara Bennett Designs. I am on the coast of North Carolina and often cater to tourists who are looking for something unique to remind them of their visit to the ocean. We also have a lot of locals that love my turtle, mermaids and sand dollar jewelry all of silver or done in cloisonne. custom jewelry treasures

I retired from a career in restaurant design in 2011. I opened Barbara Bennett Designs the same year and taught silversmith skills at Brunswick Community College for 4 years. I sell on line, in boutiques, local art museum and art shows and festivals.

I do not take orders for custom work. However, if you would like a to request a modification let me know and I will see if I can make one with the modification you would like.

All work is guaranteed for quality workmanship unless abuse has caused an issue. Remember, cloisonne is glass on metal and although it is not terribly fragile if it crashes down on a hard tile floor it can crack or chip. Treat your pieces as you would any fine jewelry.