Birth of a sea turtle bracelet

By June 17, 2019 Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle bracelet

Birth of a sea turtle bracelet:

As an artist I can tell you, like many, I am my own worst enemy. Nothing is good enough and I strive for each piece to be better than the last. But what if I didn’t? What if each piece was good enough? There is so much in the world that would be so so and greatness would be lost as complacency is the enemy of fine design work. I cannot tell you how often I think I have a wonderful piece when I turn it over and find an air bubble in the enamel. Sigh, back to the kiln.

I just finished a sea turtle bracelet with leather band. I will not sell it. It is not “good enough”. So I love him but he will be mine.  The base plate was cast for me by a local jeweler. There are some heavy casting lines that I could not get out on the back but very visible. The casting also has large and thin openings on each side for the leather attachment. I don’t like that the part that holds the leather is so thin so like I said, he is mine. I would rather wear it than worry that a customer might wear it and it could break. The photos below show the stages as I add colored enamel to bring him to life.



  Sea turtle bracelet

He is a really cool sea turtle and I will wear it proudly.

Will I ever make a perfect piece of jewelry? I doubt it, LOL. But as long as I keep trying I will get better with each piece. This is Birth of a sea turtle bracelet.


Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

I spent most of my career in interior design and the last 20 years designing restaurants in the Raleigh, NC area. Since I grew up on the coast of Long Island I headed for the coast of NC Ince I retired in Raleigh. I set up my silversmith studio and began creating sterling and fine silver jewelry reflecting my love of the sea. In the past year I discovered enamel and cloisonné. I was hooked. You will see many cloisonné and champleve pieces in my collections. My hope is that you will love them as much as I loved making them.

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