Sea Turtle bracelet

It is that time of year, especially on the coast of North Carolina, when the sea turtles come to our beaches to nest. Locals and tourists alike love to come and monitor the nests, keeping them safe and the reward is to be there when the baby turtle bubble up out of the sand and head to the sea.

For that reason much of my design focuses around sea turtles. They are amazing creatures and whether they are swimming or just waddling up the sand they are always beautiful. I have created them in sterling silver, fine silver, Argentium sterling silver and cloisonné. Some are made with bi metal with sterling silver bodies and 18K gold shells. I keep thinking of new turtle jewelry designs and it seems limitless.

This season I have a new vision for my turtles. Cloisonne actually allows me to “paint pictures” with enamel on silver. I will be introducing a whole series of new cloisonne turtle designs in the next few weeks.

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