Tips for Cloisonné Jewelry

By September 9, 2019 Articles
3 Closionne Lether Bracelet

3 Closionne Lether BraceletHere, in this post, Barbara Bennett Designs offers Cloisonné jewelry tips. If at all possible, assess the cloisonné before you buy it. Look for these:

  • The surface of the jewelry piece ought to feel smooth. There should not be any rough corners to the wires.
  • Every section ought to be filled with enamel. You shouldn’t see parts which are higher or lower than others.
  • If it’s crafted from precious metal, the piece of jewelry ought to be marked with the content of the metal.

Wearing Cloisonné Jewelry Pieces

Remember the following tips as you dress in cloisonné:

  • Cloisonné appears amazing against black, since the dark, plain background permits the metal and details to shine.
  • Contrast your clothes with your piece of jewelry by dressing in a simplistic turtleneck or basic dress with your cloisonné jewelry pieces. It permits the jewelry to take center stage.
  • Consider coupling a statement-making cloisonné necklace or bangle with plain bracelets or simpler chains. Set against the simple metal layers, the cloisonné will beautifully stand out.
  • Avoid overpowering cloisonné pieces with tons of other accessories, busy patterns, or lots of color.

Caring for and Cleaning Cloisonné

Because it’s designed from a mix of materials, it is vital that you use care while cleaning your cloisonné pieces:

  • Use a lint-free, soft cloth and water to polish and clean the cloisonné enameled jewelry pieces.
  • If you have an antique cloisonné piece which has cracked enamel, you will have to get it professionally fixed. Work with a restorer who specializes in that process.
  • Don’t use any kind of abrasive or chemical cleaner on the cloisonné piece. The abrasives and chemicals may etch the glass.
  • Don’t soak cloisonné jewelry as small voids inside the enamel may absorb liquid and ultimately sustain damage. Likewise, don’t use an ultrasonic jewelry cleanser on the cloisonné pieces.
  • Store all cloisonné items in different compartments or in jewelry bags to keep the gentle surface of the enamel from becoming scratched by your additional jewelry. While traveling, store the items in a travel organizer or jewelry roll.

Jewelry Which Captures the Imagination

Understanding the procedure of crafting this kind of jewelry may add to your enjoyment of your favorite jewelry pieces and having knowledge of how to care for and select cloisonné will help you ensure these pieces last a lifetime.

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Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

I spent most of my career in interior design and the last 20 years designing restaurants in the Raleigh, NC area. Since I grew up on the coast of Long Island I headed for the coast of NC Ince I retired in Raleigh. I set up my silversmith studio and began creating sterling and fine silver jewelry reflecting my love of the sea. In the past year I discovered enamel and cloisonné. I was hooked. You will see many cloisonné and champleve pieces in my collections. My hope is that you will love them as much as I loved making them.